We have chosen this subject because our studio is located near the college and many students visit us who are mostly first-timers.

Consent is important for below 18 students

So the first doubt most the people have is

Will it get boring in future

If I make a tattoo now and what if after a few years it gets boring

Yes it might get boring and here are the reasons

1) Unplanned design

So whenever you go to a tattoo artist he asks you about the design and you say ummmmm no I don't know anything you say what should I get?

And this is so random. We can help you but getting something from the web and putting it on the skin permanently... Does not make it worth it.

2) Following trendy Tattoos

Following the current ongoing tattoo trends is a big No-No because trends will come and go and when the trend goes but the tattoo stays people regret the decisions made but now you can't change much of what has already happened in the past.

3) Is it relatable

The most important thing about tattooing is that it reflects your personality. For example, If you are a girl and you consider yourself a princess and your personality are soft, it would be wrong to have an unpleasant tattoo on your skin and it will be a source of regret in the future.

We believe everyone has a certain kind of personality and they should ink according to it.

4) Basic Sense of art

It's not compulsory for you. you can expect that from your tattoo artist but still, as a client, you can try to have a basic sense of art. It is the responsibility of the tattoo artist to use all artistic skills he has in his arsenal, but we would suggest that you should also be able to determine the caliber of the artist.

5) Tattoos against body flow

Your body is a 3d canvas so according to your body structure if the tattoo doesn't fit your body flow then it will look bad in a few years, telling this to you is the responsibility of your chosen tattoo artist.

And you listen to his inputs because he has the experience and understands how things look like tattoos.

6) Too much Detailing in too small a space

Most of the time people come to us and say we just need a small tattoo and we also want a lot of details in it, after a certain period what happens is that because the space was too small to work and there were too many details so the tattoos will get merged and that will not look good in a few years.

So these are the reasons why people can regret tattoos after certain years.

There is a sense of beauty as humans we all have it, we try to make everything beautiful and that is also the reason we decorate our bodies with tattoos. As you decorate your home, your garden, or your workspace differently because they have a different vibe so it is the same for everybody, everybody has a different personality and that should be reflected by your tattoo.

We are sharing this blog because over these past few years we have seen many examples of people regretting old tattoos and coming to us and asking us for the cover-ups or removal.

You should be proud of your tattoos

To save yourself from this hassle in the future just contact us and book a consultation with us let us help you.

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DO get a proper sleep before your session

You need to be well rested and relaxed before the session. If your body is well rested your pain threshold will be higher and the tattoo healing process would be smoother.

DO schedule an appointment

It is a good idea to book your appointment in advance so that the tattoo artist can focus only on your design and is prepared to do your tattoo.

DO wear comfortable clothes

Tattoo sessions tend to be long and tedious, sometimes they might last longer than you’d expected. So wear clothes that your are comfortable in, because the discomfort will only cause irritation and annoyance to you which may affect your experience.

DO tell your artist about any existing medical conditions

Don’t think you’re doing yourself a favor by hiding the truth from them. What your tattooist will do on your skin is technically a minor medical procedure. He will puncture your skin with a tattoo machine, so that ink can be inserted in the dermis. While the wound isn’t going to be all that deep (the dermis is just a few millimeters below the skin’s surface), a million things can still go wrong with the procedure.

DO ask about aftercare

Mostly, your tattoo artist will inform you about the aftercare procedure for the tattoo but you too keep in mind to ask them in case it slips out of the mind. You need to do to ensure your tattoo heals properly. There are many things you need to do and each tattooist may have their own aftercare instructions.

DON’T get a tattoo if you’re ill

When you’re sick, your health is compromised. You’re going to overwork your immune system. It’s trying to put out too many fires at the same time. This essentially means your tattoo may not heal at an optimal rate. Instead, the opposite may happen and the tattoo healing process may be affected. Inform your tattoo artist about your medical conditions and allergies if you have any.

DON’T be afraid to ask your tattooist for more info about the process

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about your design, ink or process to your artist. Clearing all the doubts and trusting your artist will make your experience even more joyful.

DON’T party hard before getting a tattoo

Alcohol and tattoos don’t mix. You’ll may have heard of tales of drunken folks getting tattooed with or without their knowledge. The truth is that alcohol will thin your blood. And when it comes to tattooing, blood clotting is an important part of the healing process. It’s best to avoid drinking alcohol 2 days before getting tattooed and at least 3 days post tattoo to allow your skin to heal.

DON’T bring your entire friend group to the shop

A friend is fine, but make sure you ask the tattooist first if it’s okay to have someone watch the entire session. Some artists aren’t comfortable when there are too many eyes looking over whilst working. They need plenty of space to do their thing, so let them have it.

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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Getting a tattoo is probably one of the best ways for self-expression - be it a symbol in remembrance of past beliefs or shenanigans, or be it a minimal tattoo filled with deep meanings. No tattoo design is meaningless because there's always something bigger behind it. At least to the person who chose the unique tattoo, that is. It is becoming increasingly popular for everyone to have some ink on their bodies as the stigma around tattoos is breaking slowly with each tattoo. Minimal tattoos are the best way to show the world how unique of an individual you are! Here is a collection of small tattoo ideas which can help you decide what tattoo you should get! Let us know which one is your favourite!

Pet Tattoos

Our pets become our world, they understand us like no one else and accept us with all our flaws. The unconditional love of our furry friends drive us to do things that make us happy, So why not get a tattoo in their remembrance inked with love.

Delicate Flower Tattoos

You can never go wrong with a flower tattoo. Everyone love the blooming roses, or delicate tulips or blowing dandelions. They look elegant and beautiful on everyone.

Travel Tattoos

Celebrating the spirit of wander or just nostalgia, through various minimal variations of travel tattoos. paper planes, compass, bagpacks carry a dynamic significance for everyone, or a custom tattoo with personal significance is out for your rescue.

Quirky Tattoos

If quirky is your jam, you have a lot to choose from here! Be it aliens tattoos, movie references or pop culture, the list is endless. Let your mind wander and come back with amazing tattoos.

Nature symbol Tattoos

Being close to nature calms us down, what better way to keep our minds clear than carrying a part of nature with us everywhere we go! BE it the waves or the mountains, minimalist tattoos are here to your rescue!

Matching minimalistic Tattoos

We all love getting inked with our loved ones and celebrate our friendship and love with them! Getting matching tattoos is the epitome of commitment and celebration of eternal love, literally till death do us part.

Word Tattoos

We all have lessons and experiences that have stayed with us throughout our lives, as a reminder of it we have a word that resonates with us, our life. To have it by with us everywhere we go.