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Things you should know before getting a tattoo ( Clearing your Doubts)

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

We have chosen this subject because our studio is located near the college and many students visit us who are mostly first-timers.Consent is important for below 18 students So the first doubt most the people have is

Will it get boring in future

If I make a tattoo now and what if after a few years it gets boring

Yes it might get boring and here are the reasons

Below are to things know before getting a tattoo

1) Unplanned design

So whenever you go to a tattoo artist he asks you about the design and you say no I don't know anything you say what should I get? And this is so random. We can help you but getting something from the web and putting it on the skin permanently... Does not make it worth it.

2) Following the current ongoing tattoo

Following the current ongoing tattoo trends is a big No-No because trends will come and go and when the trend goes but the tattoo stays people regret the decisions made but now you can't change much of what has already happened in the past.

3) Is it relatable

The most important thing about tattooing is that it reflects your personality. For example, If you are a girl and you consider yourself a princess and your personality are soft, it would be wrong to have an unpleasant tattoo on your skin and it will be a source of regret in the future. We believe everyone has a certain kind of personality and they should ink according to it.

4) Basic Sense of art

It's not compulsory for you. you can expect that from your tattoo artist but still, as a client, you can try to have a basic sense of art. It is the responsibility of the tattoo artist to use all artistic skills he has in his arsenal, but we would suggest that you should also be able to determine the caliber of the artist.

5) Tattoos against body flow

Your body is a 3d canvas so according to your body structure if the tattoo doesn't fit your body flow then it will look bad in a few years, telling this to you is the responsibility of your chosen tattoo artist. And you listen to his inputs because he has the experience and understands how things look like tattoos.

6) Too much Detailing in too small a space

Most of the time people come to us and say we just need a small tattoo and we also want a lot of details in it, after a certain period what happens is that because the space was too small to work and there were too many details so the tattoos will get merged and that will not look good in a few years.

So these are the reasons why people can regret tattoos after certain years.

There is a sense of beauty as humans we all have it, we try to make everything beautiful and that is also the reason we decorate our bodies with tattoos. As you decorate your home, your garden, or your workspace differently because they have a different vibe so it is the same for everybody, everybody has a different personality and that should be reflected by your tattoo.

We are sharing this blog because over these past few years we have seen many examples of people regretting old tattoos and coming to us and asking us for the cover-ups or removal.

You should be proud of your tattoos

Know before getting a tattoo to save yourself from this hassle in the future just contact us and book a consultation with us let us help you.

For more info about watch this video

If you need help with your next tattoo project, send us your idea and one of our talented artists will contact you personally.

we are trying our best to contribute to this culture through Moulee's Tattoo and Art Studio which is located in Viman Nagar, Pune (India). we hope you found this information interesting! if YES, then share this knowledge with everyone and stay tuned with us by following us on Facebook Instagram and YouTube.

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