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Art Workshop

 Where creativity and fun meets learning! Our Art workshop is designed to inspire and engage individuals of all ages and skill levels in the world of art. Our team of professional artists and instructors and also guest artists offer a wide range of workshops, from beginner-level drawing and painting classes to advanced mixed media and sculpture courses. Whether you're looking to develop your artistic skills, explore new mediums, or simply have fun creating with others, our workshops provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all. Join us in our creative space and unleash your inner artist today!

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Gouache Painting Workshop

             This workshop is designed to teach you the basics of Gouache painting. You will learn about the different types of Gouache paints, how to mix colours, and how to create different textures and effects. You will also learn about different Gouache painting techniques, such as wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, and dry-brush.

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Fluid Painting Workshop

In this fluid painting workshop we will explore the properties of fluid paint and how to use them to create beautiful paintings. We will experiment with different techniques and approaches to see how the paint can be manipulated to create different effects. We will also discuss the different types of fluid paint available and how to use them. This is a great workshop for anyone interested in learning how to create beautiful fluid paintings.

Previous Workshops

*Basic Art introduction Workshop by Narendra, Arpit vyas   & shri
Gouache Art Workshop by Shree
*Calligraphy Workshop by Chaitanya Gokhale
*Block Painting Workshop
*Fluid Art Workshop by Srishti (Moon-Child)

If you need help with your Art Workshop, send us your idea and one of our talented artist will contact you personally.

we are trying our best to contribute to this culture through Moulee's Tattoo and Art Studio which is located in Viman Nagar, Pune (India). we hope you found this information interesting! if YES, then share this with everyone and stay tuned with us by following us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

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