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Ink Mastery Unleashed: Elevate Your Artistic Journey.

Our Mission

At Moulees Tattoo Studio, our mission is to empower aspiring tattoo artists with the knowledge, skills, and artistic vision needed to thrive in the dynamic world of tattooing. We are committed to fostering a learning environment that combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques, encouraging creativity, and nurturing individual expression. Our goal is to instill a deep appreciation for the art of tattooing.

Our Values

At our tattoo academy, we embody a commitment to artistic excellence, fostering creativity, and nurturing individuality. We value inclusivity, providing a supportive learning environment where aspiring tattoo artists can thrive. Our dedication to ethical and professional practices ensures that students graduate not only with technical prowess but also with a deep appreciation for the artistry and responsibility inherent in the world of tattooing.

Our Journey

We started out as people who liked   art and over years of practice, exploring and creating we are groomed into artists. throughout our constant urge to create amazing art we have become one of Pune's best and most loved Tattoo Art Studio. As a seasoned tattoo professional, our journey blends passion with expertise, offering a unique teaching approach. Join our 6-month courses to delve into the artistry and craft of tattooing, guided by a history steeped in creativity and dedication.


Artistic Vision

We will train individuals' minds as artists and successful individuals.

  • Tattoo history and culture

  • Detailed introduction to the tattoo industry across India and internationally

  • How to push our minds to improve with each endeavor, both artistically and commercially.

  • Our syllabus is designed to train you in skills as well as subconsciously, technically, and spiritually.


Artistic Skill Set

Tattooing is application of five art on a special medium.

  • We have created a syllabus from real life experience so it seems the purpose to teach anyone even from non- artistic background.

  • Only one criterion is love towards art and passion in heart to work for it.

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Understanding Skin structure

Technicals Aspects of Tattooing

Designing Skills

Our tattoo course delves into essential design aspects, guiding students through the intricate world of tattoo artistry.

From mastering line work precision to understanding shading techniques, we emphasize the importance of composition, balance, and personal style.

  • Artistic Fundamentals

  • Customization and Personalization

  • Anatomy and Placement

  • Ethical Considerations

Business Management

Elevate your tattooing career by mastering the art of selling not just tattoos, but an experience that clients cherish. Craft your success through the power of meaningful communication.

  • Professionalism

  • Active Listening

  • Articulation of Ideas

  • Portfolio Presentation

  • Client Consultations

  • Building Client Relationships

  • Legal and Ethical Communication

We will tech all technical knowledge to apply artistic vision or live skin very efficient.

  • Tattoo Machine mechanism and handling

  • Needles theory

  • Lining shading filling texture

  • Color theory as per tattooing.

  • Developing a unique style.

Instructing business management in the tattoo industry involves imparting strategic skills for studio success. 

  • Introduction to Business Basics

  • Financial Management

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Client Relations

  • Inventory and Equipment Management

  • Employee Management

  • Time Management

This program is not just a service for us; it's a mission! Our goal is to create a healthy community, foster culture, and enhance careers. Beyond the syllabus, we'll have curricular guest artists and workshops. So, don't miss the chance to be a part of the first wave of this mission.

Tattoo Education Program

Start your artistic journey with our exclusive 6-month tattoo course! Unleash your creativity and master the art of tattooing using premium equipment provided by our dedicated studio.

For Admission & Fees

Course Fee - 1,20,000/-

95000/- !!

T&C Apply

Pilot Batch Discount

(Get Pilot Batch Discount 25,000/- off

EMI / Installment Options Available !

"As our values are based in honest & quality efforts. There will be only 6 seats in each batch! so Hurry Up and book your seat ASAP!"

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